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It´s been a long journey, here we'll tell you a bit about it.

  • init (2008) {}

    Destiny intervened when it randomly joined Lol Bé and Gerardo, our founders, in a little café north of Mexico City. Caffeine did its thing and after a couple of hours, they decided to embark on this adventure. With 2 self-assembled computers from a local bazaar and a lot of dreams, Geekvibes was born.

  • 2010++;

    After a ton of effort, sleeplessness, setbacks, hits, misses (and even more coffee), we paved our way in the website development field working for the real estate sector. Some of the biggest names on this industry worked with us, and by then, our team grew and we were not just two people anymore.

  • NSLog(@"Hello, 2011!");

    On March 2, 2011 Apple launches iPad2. We saw this as an opportunity to dig in on this new technology and generate new ways of interacting with users. We smashed our piggy bank, enrolled to learn how to program Objective-C, and opened our very own developmentt department for iOs and Android.

  • 2012.pdf

    Editorial Televisa, one of the biggest publishing and editing companies in Mexico, invited us to collaborate on the creation of digital magazines and we opened the market in Mexico for rich content magazines for iPad with them.

  • render(2014){}

    It didn’t end there, we kept on growing and learning about all the emerging technologies. We started developing great content websites for Editorial Televisa and Fundacion Televisa, while we were also generating administrative systems for our real estate customers. This was the year we created our first augmented reality app for Televisa Foundation USA.

  • 2015 .= “Drupal”;

    We were invited to colaborate with City Express Hotels developing a new reservation webiste for the chain incorporating Drupal technology. The project was a succes and thanks to this, we developed a mobile app: City Access. This was just the beggining of numerous projects and a great alliance with City Express.

  • unzip

    Invited by Fundación Televisa, we presented our business to Silicon Valley´s big names such as Google, Facebook, Plug and Play etc. We created an online teaching platform for the Bécalos Foundation.

  • addDevelopers(2017){}

    Some of the biggest and most important advertising agencies in Mexico started to notice us and took us as their external development department to help them with technologically complex projects (with very short time-frames). We doubled the number of people in our development team.

  • </2018>

    Ten years in the bag. We entered a contest and won ourselves a big account: Teletón, the most important fundraiser in Mexico. We were responsible for all online donations during and after the live event (that night we didn´t sleep and had a looot more caffeine). We also developed a mobile app for Bonafont, a water company here in Mexico, for their annual race. The app registered training, groups, routes, and kept track of the whole event.

  • 2mil10ymemes

    We expanded, yet again, and opened our marketing department. We started offering services such as content creation, campaing management, SEO and data analysis for strategic decision making.

  • 2020

    Due to the global pandemic and to keep everyone safe, we had to transition into the virtual world of home office, but that didn´t stop us. We developed a whole lot of virtual platforms for some of the biggest companies in the country as well as some assistive platforms to help handle this unprecedented pandemic such as Mexico x Mexico, which was driven by some important social initiatives in Mexico.

  • now(2021)

    We welcomed Peugeot Mexico to our ever-growing list of clients. We developed the Peugeot e-store which helped them sell their cars online and we also provided support and maintenance to all their sites.


<?php continue 2022; ?>

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    QA TEAMEl Chino ● Luiseduardo ● Sophia ● Alejandro
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    BACKEND DEVELOPERSKaris ● Isaac ● Enrique ● Victor ● Fausto ● Yoda
  • Interactive elfs
    FRONTEND DEVELOPERS Ivanchón ● Karis ● Miguel ● miYorch
  • Binary nomads
    APP DEVELOPERSYoda ● Enrique
  • Networks bards
    SOCIAL MEDIA TEAMIván ● El Chino ● Luiseduardo ● Lol Bé
  • Lord of the Geeks
  • Furry Alebrijes
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