September 2023

Are Graphic Designers Artists?

Are Graphic Designers Artists?

As a designer, I used to believe that I had to be an artist. I thought I had to express myself through design. But I was mistaken. This is because “art” is subjective and open to interpretation. Design, on the other hand, involves communicating a clear message; graphic design is about problem-solving and clarity. 

In simple terms, communication means using words, signs, symbols, or any means at our disposal to express a need or an idea we have. However, there is a vast difference between what a piece of art can communicate compared to an interface with a specific objective. 


diferencias diseño grafico y arte


What differences can we find between artists and graphic designers?


Within art, you can play with all kinds of sensory receptors that your viewer may have, and the message can be as straightforward as “1+1=2” or as complex as “the meaning of life”. 

In contrast, graphic design uses visual elements but with different objectives. Graphic designers employ typography, color, shape, and space to create compositions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also convey clear and precise messages. Their primary focus is to meet the needs of an audience or user. 

What similarities can we find between artists and graphic designers?


Creativity and technical skills are essential for both graphic design and art. Graphic designers must demonstrate creativity in finding effective visual solutions for the messages they want to convey. At the same time, they need technical skills to master the design tools and software that enable them to bring their ideas to life. 


que habilidades tiene un diseñador


In art, creativity is at the very core of the creative process, allowing artists to capture their unique visions and explore new forms of expression. While both may use similar materials, a work can have different meanings, and users may have various interpretations of what they see. 

Unlike this, a graphic designer must follow a structured path, expressing the needed idea clearly and leaving nothing to interpretation. This doesn’t mean that designers cannot have a style or that they are mere robots following rules and gris. 

If a design requires an explanation, it means it didn’t fulfill its purpose. In design, creativity should not be used without a defined purpose. It should be employed to solve problems and find effective solutions for both users and clients. 


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Written by Rebeca Yavi, Senior UX/UI Designer.