Our Services

  • Web Development
    • 01 Intranets

      Intranet development for internal information management and organization.

    • 02 E-commerce

      E-commerce site development, including the business logic behind it.

    • 03 Websites

      Website development involving different types of tech, frameworks and programming languages

    • 04 Augmented Reality

      Virtual 3D modelling.

    • 05 Mobile Apps

      Mobile app development with a process that ranges from the UX/UI design to the API and CMS integration to feed the contents within the app.

    • 06 Alexa Skills

      Development, programming and integration of Alexa skills for voice activation and response.

    • 07 Payment Engine

      Development of payment gateways tailored to customer requirements, as well as integration with public and third party payment gateways.

    • 08 Machine Learning

      Generation of learning algorithms, resulting in Artificial Intelligence systems used to perform complex tasks in any type of process.

    • 09 Security and Pentesting

      Security and penetration analysis and testing of internal servers and services.

    • 10 APIs and Web Services

      Application communication interfaces development for apps and web services.

  • Design
    • 01 Branding

      Definition of the brand's color palette, logo composition and applications to build the brand's identity and help position it on the market.

    • 02 UX Design

      Research-based design and implementation of user flows that make for efficient platforms and an enjoyable user journey.

    • 03 UI Design

      Interface design of the project, previously defined by an UX analysis, resulting in visual elements and interactions for the platform.

    • 04 Multimedia Content Creation

      Development of optimized visual communication resources, such as publicity materials, social media graphics and templates among others.

  • Digital Marketing
    • 01 Social Selling and Network Branding

      Use of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, among others, to create corporate branding, increase outreach, and connect with the brand's audience.

    • 02 Communcication and Marketing Strategies

      Mapping and execution of brand communication tactics to reach the target audience accross multiple channels.

    • 03 Full Service SEO

      Full stack Social Engine Optimization including keywords research, technical SEO, mobile optimization, scalable content creation among others.

    • 04 B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

      Strategic marketing for B2B sales and lead generation for big and small businesses.

    • 05 Social Media Filters

      AR filter developments for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat used for social media campaigns.

  • Digital transformation
    • 01 Business Model Design

      Creation and optimization of bussiness models based on the client┬┤s needs and brand goals.

    • 02 Data Flow

      Data flow design of the digital system to develop.

    • 03 Third Party Integration Analysis

      Third-party service integration for data flows, costumer and lead managment, web services, and custom API development and integration.

    • 04 Operational Flow Design

      Business level operational flow definition, focused on efficiency and delivering the expected results.

    • 05 Operational Processes Design

      Design, analysis and execution of worflows focused on increasing brand revenue.