September 2023

Is the Actors' Strike Against AI the Dawn of a New Era in Cinema?

Is the Actors' Strike Against AI the Dawn of a New Era in Cinema?

Over the past few weeks, social media and news outlets have been inundated with information regarding the actors' strike against artificial intelligence (AI), which has brought the Hollywood film industry to a standstill. If you're not yet familiar with this, actors, screenwriters, animators, special effects creators, and voice actors are protesting the use of AI in movies and television shows, claiming that it is replacing their jobs.

The actors' strike has disrupted several films that have not yet been released, including Avatar 3, Beetlejuice 2, Deadpool 3, Ghostbusters 5, The House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, Mission: Impossible 8, and Paddington 3. These films are currently in various stages of production, but their development has been impacted by the strike. It remains uncertain when production and release of these movies will resume, but the strike could potentially delay their release by several months or even years.

Who's Involved?

The strike is being led by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), representing over 165,000 actors worldwide. Other unions, including the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Directors Guild of America (DGA), have also expressed their support for the strike. Each day, more people join the strike, and major corporations are watching closely to see how these negotiations will unfold.


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What Are They Demanding?


Actors are demanding that studios commit to not using AI for the next five years. They are also requesting fair wages for their work, even if their roles are eventually replaced by AI. Some of the specific demands from actors include:

1. A minimum wage of $15 per hour.

2. Increased healthcare benefits.

3. Reduced working hours.

4. Ban on the use of real firearms in movies.

5. Greater commitment to diversity and inclusion.

6. Zero-tolerance policies for harassment and discrimination.

Companies have refused to meet the actors' demands, leading to the strike. Actors have stated their willingness to continue the strike until their demands are met.

What Does This Mean for Hollywood?

The strike is having a significant impact on the Hollywood film industry. Studios are losing millions of dollars per day, and movie releases are being delayed. Moreover, the strike is affecting the morale of industry employees who are concerned about their job security.


What Can We Expect in the Future?

It's challenging to predict how long the strike will last. Studios have expressed their willingness to negotiate with the actors, but the actors have insisted they won't return to work until their demands are accepted. The strike could have a lasting impact on the film industry, potentially leading to a reduction in the use of AI in movies and television shows.

The actors' strike against AI is a sign of the times. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it is replacing human jobs in various industries. This could lead to a technological revolution with profound societal impacts.

It's crucial that humans prepare for the changes brought about by AI. We need to ensure that AI is used for the greater good and not to the detriment of human workers. This involves ensuring that humans are not displaced by AI. The actors' strike against AI serves as a reminder that AI is a powerful force that can significantly impact our lives. While it functions as a potent tool, it also has a double-edged nature.



Written by Luis Eduardo Quezada, Data Analyst