June 2023

How will Apple Vision Pro affect Web Development and Design?

How will Apple Vision Pro affect Web Development and Design?

What was announced at Apple's WWDC 2023?


The Apple WWDC 2023 surprised us with its latest edition, presenting product innovations and updates from the tech giant.


From the usual system updates, new features for Siri, and the already known new line of MacBooks and iPhones, to something highly anticipated that promises to change the way we use devices worldwide, the Apple Vision Pro.


apple vision pro headset


Previously this year , we saw some hints about how the Apple Vision Pro would work, a VR headset that promises an immersive experience like never before, including gesture-based control using eye and hand movements.


However, after the presentation, we can see that it's not just an ordinary new headset. The Apple Vision Pro aims to completely change what we know about augmented reality and provide us with something that surpasses all levels of interaction between the real and digital worlds.


Apple Vision Pro: Features, Price, and Release Date


With a high-resolution micro OLED display and 23 million pixels, it offers exceptional visual quality. It also includes a 3D camera that captures images with spatial audio, providing a completely new experience.


With an initial price of $3,499 (USD) and available early next year, the Apple Vision Pro will be one of the groundbreaking accessories that will revolutionize the digital world. This raises an important question: How will developers leverage this to their advantage?


What pros and cons will the Apple Vision Pro have for developers and designers?


The number of new challenges is enormous, and so are the opportunities. On one hand, the device will allow users to interact with digital content in mixed reality through external cameras, opening up new possibilities for creating immersive experiences.


However, challenges also arise. For example, adapting existing iPad and iPhone apps to run on the operating system will require additional effort from developers. Ensuring a smooth and high-quality experience on the Vision Pro may involve adjustments to the design and functionality of existing applications.


apple vision pro interface


In addition, the specific nature of the hardware and features of the Vision Pro, such as hand, eye, and voice control, entails learning and mastering new design and development techniques. This may require additional time and resources for developers to become familiar with the capabilities and limitations of the device.


Nevertheless, these difficulties also present opportunities. Web developers who can make the most of the Vision Pro's capabilities and create immersive and engaging user experiences could stand out in an emerging market that will undoubtedly experience exponential demand.


As we have seen from the emergence of the metaverse to the latest revolution in artificial intelligence, this presents two options for companies and their software and content creators: either use it to their advantage or let it consume them.




From the workflow of how new applications will be built to the foundation of solving responsive designs and optimizing existing content to ensure smoothness, everyone involved in development and design will have new tasks when adapting software for Apple's new headset.


In summary, the launch of Apple's Vision Pro poses technical and adaptation challenges but also provides opportunities to create unique and differentiated experiences in the field of mixed reality. In a world where the amount of content is already overwhelming for consumers, this will serve as a great differentiator. Brands and companies that are willing to use this new technology to their advantage could position themselves advantageously in the market.


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Author: Fernanda López Brito (Chief Marketing Officer)